Trends in Enhanced Customer Support Automation

Enhanced customer support

Trends in Enhanced Customer Support Automation

Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligence system that brings powerful generative models directly to iPhone, iPad and Mac, makes users’ most personal devices even more helpful and awesome.
A key building block of Apple Intelligence is on-device processing, which enables personalized intelligence without collecting user data. When users need models that require more computing power than can fit in a pocket today, Apple Intelligence with Private Cloud Compute can flexibly adjust computing capacity to draw on larger, server-based models for more complex queries, all the while preserving user privacy.
As soon as users make a request, Apple Intelligence analyzes whether it can be processed on the device. If more computing power is required, it uses Private Cloud Compute, which only sends data relevant to the task to servers with Apple chips for further processing. If requests are forwarded to Private Cloud Compute, they are only used to process users’ requests and are neither stored nor made accessible to Apple.

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